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hej.dave Preset Collection Desktop & Mobile

I'm more then proud to finally share my favourite and most used Preset Collection with you. I created these presets over the last years and use them daily on all of my social media as well as selected client projects.

Transform your beach-, desert- or lifestyle-shots into dreamy images and create a certain vibe that sets you apart from the rest.


What's in the pack?

- 7 x stylised Lightroom Desktop Presets, 6 x colour and 1 B&W

- 7 x stylised Lightroom Mobile Presets, 6 x colour and 1 B&W

- Installation Guide


Who are these best suited for?

Whether you're a photographer looking to speed up your work flow or just starting with the art of colour grading this pack is for you!


I designed these presets to be compatible with Lightroom for Desktop and  mobile for iOS and Android.


What gear works best with the pack?

I've been testing the edits on various camera brands such as Leica, Sony, Canon or Fuji. They even work on DJI drone footage.


Tips for the best results:

Always try to shoot in a RAW format. This gives you the most flexibility in the post production process.

Depending on the look you're going for I would recommend to always underexpose your image a little and brighten it up in post production when applying one of my presets.


Please also keep in mind that these presets are designed to speed up your edits and create a consitent theme. They are no one-click solution for your images. 

Always make the required colour and lighting adjustments to your images.



hej.dave Preset Collection Desktop & Mobile

29,00 €Price
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